Hassles and concerns upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Pro

Windows 10 Pro supports some features that are nice to have, especially if you like to take advantage of more features of your OS than the Home edition allows for.

Windows store changes my local account to an online account

The Window shop application requires you to sign in with your MSDN account. Once you’ve signed in and purchased the upgrade, your local Windows account is suddenly also converted to an MSDN account. This means, upon the next restart, you can’t log-on with your local accounts’ password anymore, you have to use your low security MSDN password. MSDN passwords are limited to 16 characters which I’ve blogged about earlier here: https://www.securesolutions.no/frustrations-with-microsoft-liveid-sign-on/

Is this a bug? Intended feature? I’ve got no idea.

Privacy settings reset

After the upgrade several of my privacy settings was suddenly reset. When I installed Windows Home a few days ago, I had all the privacy settings set to off, then all of the sudden, while updating my OS, the settings had reset into giving Microsoft my details:


Not only is this rude, it’s a major disrespect to the users who expect privacy. Now onto some minor nuisances.

How to upgrade?

Furthermore, once you’ve purchased the upgrade, there’s no automation in activating the upgrade for your PC. I had to turn to Google (not Bing) in order to figure out how to activate the purchase. I believe I did not miss any vital information in the upgrade process, nor did the confirmation emails from Microsoft give me any information on how to actually use the upgrade I had purchased.

In order to facilitate the upgrade I had to re-enter the store and seek to purchase the upgrade again. This time the purchase button had been conveniently been replaced with an “Upgrade” button. I can see how this is useful if you are purchasing from one machine, and installing on another, however please give some instructions on how to go about this.

The upgrade itself cost about 1300 NOK, or about 150USD, which I consider is rather expensive considering you already bought the OS, and this is just a feature upgrade.

Hopefully Microsoft will A) don’t force users onto their online platform and B) don’t rip users privacy expectations in shreds when we’ve actively taken a choice to not participate.

  • gigaturtle

    Thanks for the article! I just performed this same procedure last night on a new laptop which I embarassingly forgot to order the Pro edition of 10 at the time of purchase. I just want to share my experience, as it differs from yours a bit. I am not affiliated with Microsoft in any way.

    First, the price point was different. I’m in the US, so it may have something to do with region, but the upgrade license was $99.99 USD in the Microsoft Store app.

    After making the purchase I was also rather confused about how to apply the upgrade to my installation, as I was expecting to be provided with a Windows license key. Looking at my purchase history in the store, I decided to take advantage of the “Get Order Help” link which let me chat with a Microsoft support rep who directed me to go to Settings > Update & security > Activation, and then select Go to Store. At this point the product Buy button had changed to Upgrade, as you also saw.

    Perhaps the most important difference is that, while I was offered the opportunity to log into Windows with a MS/Live account, it was not required. I am still using the local user account I had setup during initial configuration of the machine. Additionally, I am not certain that I had changed my privacy settings before the upgrade, so cannot comment on that point.


    • Thanks for your reply Gigaturtle. I am unsure how you managed to have it not change your account into an online account. This has happened to me twice now, and also to a colleague of mine. Could you basically reject the popup to log into MSDN, and the Store would still allow you to purchase and install? Thanks again for your insight.

      • gigaturtle

        Sorry I don’t have a more definitive answer on this. Perhaps logging into the Store app with my MS account and then upgrading my Windows version using the Settings > Update & security > Activation > Go to Store let me skip whatever triggers the user account change? I don’t know for sure, but if for some reason I need to reinstall my machine I’ll be sure to pay closer attention to that process.