• Matt Keyser

    Nice puzzle!

  • MikeW


  • Paul Hallstein

    Make a move and the bunny gets it.

  • Kirk Hayes

    Nice challenge!

  • Mauro Silva

    Oh no! The kidnappers moved the bunny!

  • mox

    Was fun, thanks!

  • Conrad

    I enjoyed the challenge!

  • Mark Stevenson

    Fun challenge.

  • Rick

    I enjoyed the challenge!

  • Ra’s Al Ghul

    enjoyed every step of the challenge, Thanks!

    unfortunately…i stop here, have no idea what is the password

  • Matthew Matchen

    This was fun! Happy Easter!

  • Mohamed Ramadan

    Happy easter all!
    @INTERPOL_ISIRT:disqus https://twitter.com/INTERPOL_ISIRT

  • Mohamed Ramadan

    i found the correct password πŸ™‚


    i have this bunny now, follow me:


  • Good job all! AWESOME! πŸ˜€

  • Ra’s Al Ghul

    @Mohamed keep the bunny safe, i will save-it next time:)))
    nice work

  • Aabed

    I’ve cracked the cipher directly πŸ™‚ without using the mp3 file hehe

  • DFGod

    Always a fun time doing Sans Challenges!!!

  • Mesh3al

    oh! the saved bunny looks much more bigger, great challenge .. πŸ™‚

  • NEGM

    I did it.

  • HowlinMadd

    Just saw the challenge for the first time today, but I still completed it. Looking forward to more…